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TBC Sermons Online

Our Pastor, Dr. Ron Dobbs, has studied, preached, and taught the Bible for over 40 years.
Our Associate Pastor,Rev.David Dobbs,teaches our Adult Sunday School.
Aaron Speck is our Music Director and occasionally teaches our Adult Sunday School class.

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Title Speaker Service Date
Bringing Men To Jesus Rev.David Dobbs Wednesday Evening 8/30/2017
Four Things We Should Always Do Rev.David Dobbs Sunday Evening 8/27/2017
The Analogy Of A Christian Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Worship 8/27/2017
Understanding The Sinner Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday School 8/27/2017
Chipping Away At The Altar Of God Rev.David Dobbs Sunday Evening 8/20/2017
See The Battle Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Worship 8/20/2017
A Matter Of Time Rev.David Dobbs Sunday School 8/20/2017
Some Things That Will Shut Our Mouths Rev.David Dobbs Wednesday Evening 8/16/2017
The Root Of David Rev.David Dobbs Sunday Evening 8/13/2017
God Looks On The Heart Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Worship 8/13/2017

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